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Demat account opening can be done in just 15 minutes. You can have free trading account too as there is no separate procedure for free trading account opening.

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Frequently Asked Questions on

on How to Open Demat Account?

To open a demat account, you need a mobile linked AADHAAR card, active mobile number, PAN card and canceled personalized cheque.

Karvy offers free demat account opening and you can get brokerage reversal too.

You can access your account through KarvyOnline mobile app or through NEST application.

Demat account stores shares in electronic form thereby reducing paper work, faster transactions and also enabling safety of your investments. Free demat account opening online is a very simple process.

You can either have only free demat account online or only trading account or demat and trading account with access to trading equity, commodity, currencies, mutual funds and other exchange-traded securities.

You can open another demat account with Karvy and transfer Securities lying in existing demat to it. In case you wish to continue with your old demat account, you may link it with Karvy trading account.

Articles on open a demat account

1)Best Demat Account For Beginners In India

Our life goals can be achieved only with proper financial planning. Now don’t get too worried about financial planning. It’s just the right allocation of funds according to your needs so that you can use that money at the right time to fulfill your goal. Earning money is not a big deal but the money earned has to be utilized in the best way. Savings are not adequate to beat inflation and that’s why investment comes into picture. Got the point? Yes. You have to invest money in the right financial asset after carefully analyzing your requirements.

2)Document Required to open Demat Account.

Opening demat accounts have become very easy. Individual investors can either opt to open demat account online all by themselves or with the assistance of our representatives. However, the documents required for Demat Account opening remains the same for both processes which are as:

  • PAN Card (mandatory requirement for all investors except for individuals exempted from obtaining PAN (listed in Section D)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport size photograph
  • Cancelled personalized cheque (or more than 3 months of bank statement)

3)What is Share Market

New to stock market? We will take you through the world of share market in this article. Firstly, let us learn what is share market? Share market is where buying and selling of share happens. Share represents a unit of ownership of the company from where you bought it. For example, you bought 10 shares of Rs. 200 each of ABC company, then you become a shareholder of ABC. This allows you to sell ABC share anytime you want. Investing in shares allows you to fulfill your dreams like higher education, buying a car, building a home, etc. If you start investing at a young age and stay invested for a long time, the rate of return will be high. You can plan your investment strategy based on the time you need money.

4)How to Invest in Share Market

There are few things that you should know before you invest in share market. Investing in stocks provide high returns due to the power of compounding effect. A trading and demat account is a must to start trading in the stocks. Don’t worry! It’s not a cumbersome process and it can be opened very easily online and quickly with no hassle. We will learn the essentials required for opening demat account online in India.

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NEST (Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading platform), is a complete trading solution for members across several exchange venues including NSE.

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